My name is Moran Levy and I’m a photographer, an artist and a printer and Framework professional.
I founded OR VECLI to create a platform for artists to showcase their art, and for art lovers to buy their art and support them.  

OR VECLI, originates from the Kabbalah, meaning “light and vessel”. One of the main principles in Kabbalah is “There is no light without a vessel to inhabit it”. It does not mean that the light doesn’t exists – the light is eternal, but without a vessel to contain it, the light can not express itself and cannot be captured. Similar to looking at the moon – we see it shine as a vessel for the sun’s light. The sun burns at all times, but at night we need the moon to reflect it’s light to us. Through my art, I try to create visual tools that imply spiritual ideas which help expose the light. As I try to express this idea in my art, I hope this platform will be a vessel and the artists will be the light which will inhabit it.

I believe that art should be accessible, so I created this platform that offers an easy solution for artists and customers. We, in OR VECLI, provide the artist with all the services required to sell and produce a high quality prints, so he or she can focus mainly on creating art. We specialized and give services in reproduction, printing, mounting and framing, packaging and sending the artwork any where you want. 

Our three main services at the platform are:

 1. The Print Lab Zone – Where you can easily upload your artwork and choose size print, paper type, mounting and framing type and we pack it and send directly to you. 

2. Artist Zone – We invite artists to join our Online Gallery get published and sell your artwork. We in OR VECLI, provide you as an artist, all the services required to produce and sell a high quality print, so you can focus mainly on creating art. With opening an artist profile page, You only have to upload the artwork files and we publish it at our online gallery, print, mount, frame, pack and ship directly to its destination. We let the artist set the prices for his or her artwork, and only charge a basic fee for our expenses (fee which is included in the final product price). 

3. Gallery Shop – Our curated collections feature painting reproduction, photographs and digital artwork to decorate rooms, house styles, office spaces and more. We DON’T take any commission from the sale, the artist gets the entire amount. All you need as an art lover is to choose the art you like and it will be on its way to you.

Please feel free to contact me for additional information.
Thank you for visiting!
Moran Levy,