Welcome To The Artist Registration

We invite you to join our online gallery, get published and sell your art works.

We, in OR VECLI, provide you as an artist, all the services required to produce and sell a high quality print so you can focus mainly on creating art. You upload the artwork files and we publish it at our online gallery, print, mount, frame, pack and ship directly to its destination. If you have a traditional art and it is not digitized – we provide also reproduction services. We have a base price that covers our costs, and you simply add your commission on top of that. 

We in ORVECLI represent artists who we highly appreciate and it is important for us to maintain a high quality of the final product, that is why we handpick the artwork and not an open store.


First step: Fill in your details, portfolio link and artworks sample files.


Second step: If you meet our standards we will send your email address two forms: an online registration form to create your artist profile page and a profit form there you set your price.


Third step: Your artist page is now published and you can also share it on social media and start selling.


You decide. We have a base price that covers our costs, you simply add your commission on top of that.

We’ll pay you via PayPal or via bank transport at the end of every quarter.

Each payment will be received by ORVECLI against the artist receipt – We prefer green online receipt but if you have an actual receipt book you can send us a scan receipt.

You retain the copyright to your work at all time. As for licensing, you merely grant us a temporary non-exclusive license to produce, market and sell your work on your behalf, while it’s active on ORVECLI online gallery.

Absolutely. You can unpublish/delete your art and cancel your account at any time.

At the artist profile form that will be sent to your e-mail address we will ask you to upload the highest resolution file (300 DPI). Special cases of low resolution can be applicable with our approval

Filling out the registration form does not ensure you are registered with an artist page. After completing the registration form, we meet with your art files and examine their quality and visibility. Also at this stage we can ask you to send us additional files or decide that you are not suitable to display on our site at this time.